Transport House - Active Multiservice Chilled Beam Project

It is not just the European market that is welcoming chilled beam technology after Active Multi-service chilled beams has also been supplied on significant projects in Australia in buildings such as Transport House, Sydney. The refurbishment of this important heritage listed building involved the design, manufacturing and shipping of 340 Multi-service Chilled Beams (MSCB’s) complete with Drypac™ which has been successfully delivered and commissioned within a 12 month programme. The project is a recent demonstration of Active Multi-service chilled beam procured and utilised in Australia.


The MSCB’s are designed to provide cooling and illumination to the office space as well as accommodating a fast response sprinkler system. The project needed to deliver high capacities (up to 600W/m cooling) and provide excellence levels of occupancy comfort with minimal supply air rates with an under-beam installation height of approximately 2.9m. The use of Frenger Active MSCB’s complete with Drypac™ (anti condensation battery coating) has allowed for the existing structural zones to be fully utilized even with a restricted slab height. The MSCB’s offer a controlled environment within the office areas, combining exceptional levels of energy efficiency and low running costs. The Active MSCB‘s are designed to operate on a chilled water feed temperature of 10ºC and chilled water return temperature of 13ºC to deliver cooling into the space to achieve an average open-plan spatial temperature of 23ºC. The comfort levels in the occupied zone (0.15m to 1.1m) covered by the beams comply with the acceptable levels of BS EN ISO 7730 in terms of maximum air velocities (<0.25m/s mean), draught rating (<15% PPD), temperature gradients (<3.0ºC) and consistency of temperature over the space (<15% PPD).


The project’s success again proves that 21st Century design can be applied just as well to existing listed buildings as it can to new buildings. It also further demonstrates the expertise and capability of manufacturers like Frenger Systems to delivering complex chilled beam solutions world-wide.

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