Passive Convective Chilled Beams

Passive Chilled beams utilise of a heat exchanger for cooling. Traditional passive chilled beam operation is based on natural convection. As the warm room air comes in contact with the cooled surface of the chilled beam it flows downwards through the beam into the room. Passive beams are not connected to the ventilation system. The primary air is supplied to the space using separate diffusers either in the ceiling or wall, or alternatively through the raised floor. A recommended maximum cooling of up to 200 W/m applies to passive convective chilled beams (Circa 95% convective elements) based upon the comfort criteria recommended with BS EN ISO 7730 (PPD <15 per cent).

Passive convective chilled beams produces spacial conditioning only using waterside cooling.

Cooling Principles of Convective only Passive Chilled Beams

Passive Chilled Beams Installed in a School Laboratory

Convection based Passive Chilled Beam Installation Example