55 Baker Street - Active Multiservice Chilled Beam Project

Active chilled beams have recently been installed on a large refurbishment programme for 55 Baker Street, London. The complete project involved the design, development, testing, manufacturing and installation of Multiservice Chilled Beams (MSCB’s) which was fully undertaken by Frenger System within an 18 month programme


The Project involved the supply and installation of over 4000 MSCB’s i.e. Circa 11Km (consistent delivery rate of 120 beams per week), which is probably the most important project of its type in the UK for many years. The project needed to deliver high capacities (up to 100 W/m² cooling, 80 W/m² heating) and excellence levels of occupancy comfort with minimal supply air rates (1.6 l/s/ m²) within a restricted slab to slab distance of less than 3m. The use of chilled beams allowed for existing structural zones to be fully utilized even with the restricted slab height. The scheme was also designed to minimise environmental impact and optimise energy efficiency and has achieved a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’. Frenger’s chilled beams offered a controlled environment within office areas, combining exceptional levels of energy efficiency and low running costs.


The project required the use of state-of-the-art testing facility at Frenger Systems head office in Derby to carry out the design and mock-up testing for the Client London & Regional. This enabled highly accurate measurements to be obtained for the project specific environment variables prior to any on-site installation. The MSCB’s were tested for heating and cooling capacity, air movement, comfort levels and lighting performance.


Geoff Springer of London & Regional said “We are convinced that chilled beams represent “the future” for air conditioning… they are energy efficient, require little or no maintenance, last for 25+ years and have excellent green credentials (their inherent functionality efficiency was key to the building achieving an excellent BREEAM rating). I’m sure that our success in letting out over 80% of this premium office refurbishment is thanks in no small part to the inclusion of the architecturally striking Multiservice chilled beams”.


This provides a typical example where "Radiant"/convective passive chilled beam technology has been utilised to deliver high cooling duties with minimal air movement within the occupied zone when compared to traditional passive chilled beams. More examples of Active Multiservice Chilled Beam projects.